Woody Allen Beats the Recession

By Kevin on January 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

“80 percent of success is just showing up.” — Woody Allen

It’s amazing how much I’ve been hearing about how the recession is hurting everyone these days. But is it really the recession? In the last week alone:

– A freelance writer I use tells me she is giving up and getting a day job due to “the economy.” And in the last year she has never met a single one of her deadlines for me, nor has she ever returned a call or email within 48 hours.

– A young, independent PR consultant asks me what to do to survive in “this economy.” And she has neither a website nor any publicity for her own PR services.

– A lobbyist begs me for a phone meeting to try to enlist my help in connecting him with a government official. Says it’s “urgent” and he needs to talk to me “ASAP.” At the date and time of the call he just doesn’t show up.

– A startup entrepreneur begs me for a phone meeting to pitch me his services, which I’m pretty sure I don’t need. But because of mutual friends I reluctantly agree. Get to the time of the phone meeting and he doesn’t show up.

– I’m in the market for social media tracking software. Narrowed it down to two vendors and scheduled a demo for one. Again, the sales person just doesn’t show up at the designated time. Guess I know which one I’ll buy now.

– I’m going to a conference next week and one of the exhibit vendors smartly does a pre-mailing. Unfortunately it comes to my address but isn’t addressed to me. “Dear Paula,” the letter begins. An incompetent mail merge and no quality control.

All of this in a single week! It’s a good time to refocus on the fundamentals. Show up on time. Keep your committments. Keep your work error free.

Does the economy suck? Sure. But before you blame it, make sure you listen to Woody Allen. 80% of success is showing up (on time), then you can focus on the other 20%.


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