Want Success? Go Global.

By Kevin on April 1, 2013 in career, Success

I’ve been saying for some time that the best opportunities for GROWTH and rapid success is outside the USA.

This isn’t just for big companies. I have individual friends who have fast tracked their careers because they were willing to relocate to Asia for a period of time. I know several small businesses that are getting all of their growth from outside the USA.

Caterpillar CEO, Douglas Oberhelman, who summed it well in a recent interview:

“When I joined Cat in 1975, the world population was maybe 3.5 billion people. Maybe a billion people were open for business. China was closed, Russia was closed, Vietnam was closed, Southeast Asia…and Latin America was bankrupt…Now we’re up to 7 billion people open for business today. Ninety-five percent of our potential customers are outside the U.S. Let’s go get them!”

Indeed. Go get ’em!


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