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Understanding Your Time Management Style

The two dominant factors when it comes to time and productivity effectiveness are Priorities and Planning. In other words, you need to be clear on WHAT you should be doing, and HOW you can effectively get it done. Look at your highlighted results in the two by two matrix above, and then review:

Frantic & Confused – this indicates ineffectiveness in both Priorities and Planning. You are uncertain as to what you should be working on, and don’t have a system for getting things done.

Spinning Your Wheels – this quadrant suggests that you have at least above average skills in organization, but are unclear as to which items deserve your attention the most.

Distracted & Frustrated – while you are somewhat clear on what you need to accomplish, progress is slow and you are frequently working off-task.

Calm & Confident – this quadrant shows that you are clear on your priorities and consistently use good planning to get it done. You feel confident in your current level of effectiveness, but it’s likely you are always on the lookout for ways to become even more productive.

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