The Entrepreneur Journey Manifesto

By Kevin on November 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m excited to announce that ChangeThis just released my new (totally free) manifesto, The Entrepreneur’s Journey. You can get it here:

And this is the best part…

I’m giving $10 to non-profit Acumen every time someone downloads a copy; my goal is to give Acumen at least $50,000.

The manifesto is a call-to-arms to motivate more people to take the plunge and start their own business.

You probably know that I started or co-founded several multimillion dollar businesses, but when I started I was dead broke and literally lived in my one-room office, slept under the desk, and would take my showers at the YMCA each morning. And I failed after just one year. But then I got back up…I tell the full story in the manifesto.

My goal is also to raise money and awareness for non-profit Acumen. Seth Godin turned me onto their work a couple years ago and I’ve been supporting them ever since. They are a very unique 501(c)(3) that is fighting poverty by investing in startups that are focused on “the bottom of the pyramid.” Among other things, Acumen companies are bringing affordable ambulance service to Mumbai, rural banking to low-income farmers in Pakistan, and even toilet facilities to the poor in Kenya.

So get your free copy of The Entrepreneur’s Journey here:

And please share the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With your help, we’ll inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs and raise $50,000 for startups that are tackling extreme poverty around the world.

– Kevin

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