The Crowd Sourced Performance Review

By Kevin on July 1, 2013 in employee engagement

Do you think your annual performance review is an accurate appraisal of your work? According to a new survey by Globoforce and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) nearly half of HR professionals agree that the traditional system is broken and we need a new approach.

Eric Mosely, in his new book The Crowd Sourced Performance Review, suggests that it’s time to shift from a traditional, top-down management hierarchy to a new bottom-up approach.

It turns out that a group of individuals makes better decisions and more accurate observations than an individual (i.e., a boss) would. Crowdsourcing is a better way for managers to collect, evaluate and share information on employee performance.

Here are five ways crowdsourced feedback and recognition can help business leaders:

1) Capture achievements throughout the year. With social recognition, employees better understand what performance is desired on an on-going basis while managers can see first-hand an employee’s true performance, behaviors and influence.

2) Widen the input circle beyond a single point of failure. By leveraging feedback from across the organization, managers can expand the singular viewpoint of traditional performance reviews to include positive feedback from co-workers and peers alike.

3) Use inspiration, not obligation. Social recognition is truly inspired, not forced by antiquated performance review processes. When peers give reviews of each other via recognition, it’s due to the strong performance they witness.

4) Expand accountability for reputations and careers. By incorporating feedback from peers across the company, you lessen errors for how an employee’s performance and career is judged and nurtured.

5) Empower employees to create a performance mosaic. With relationships and workflows extending beyond immediate teams and divisions, management and HR can create a social graph of the true performance of individuals as teams develops as employees and peers recognize one another.

When looking for better performance management processes and outcomes, look to the collective intelligence of your enterprise.


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