The Career-Life Blend

By Kevin on December 20, 2010 in career

For most of human existence, life may have been hard, but it was simple. We ate what we killed, we reaped what we sowed and later on in history, we sold what we made. Life was life.

But then a funny thing happened—not coincidentally around the time of the Industrial Revolution. People left their villages and farms and moved to get jobs. And “jobs” became something that we did separate from the rest of our life.

Now, we’re shifting back. Societal changes, technology, and our desire to find meaning in what we do is moving us—we should say, returning us—to a Career-Life blend. Although we might wish it weren’t so, our jobs and our lives have become deeply intertwined. Your job impacts not just your wealth but also, more importantly, your health, relationships, and overall happiness. To live in harmony you must understand the seismic shifts taking place in the world of work, and how critical your emotions at work are to everything else you do.

This post is an excerpt from the new book, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, by Kevin Kruse and Rudy Karsan.


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