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You can be very successful in a profession but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will find it fulfilling and engaging. Many of us end up in careers not suited for us. Many follow in the footsteps of their same-sex parent, becoming a doctor, lawyer, or other professional. Others, without direction in college, take the first good paycheck to come their way and never look back. Some may know the career they desire but feel that it’s out of their reach.

Unlike your parents or grandparents who had to make a 40-year career decision, you likely have to make a 60-year decision, which may involve multiple careers. To get that deep feeling of engagement in your career, you need to find the intersection—the bull’s-eye—of three very important things. What we call the 3Ps:

1. Passion—What are you truly passionate about? What is your ultimate dream?

2. Purpose—Where do you want to serve? In what area do you want to make a contribution?

3. Pay—What can you earn a living doing? What standard of living will you choose?

This is an excerpt from We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement by Kevin Kruse and Rudy Karsan.


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