Sun Tzu on Opportunities

By Kevin on February 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

“The more opportunities I seize, the more that opportunities multiply before me.” –The Art of War

When I read this quote I get a mental image from my childhood playing military board games. Covered in hexagons, you would grab more and more land. Starting on one hexagon you of course could move in 6 different directions. But after just one move, you then have 10 directions to move in. Seize another hexagon and you then have 14 opportunities.
This is obviously true as you seize opportunities related to new markets, contingent industries, and new products. But I’ve also found it to be true in relation to hiring great talent. Hire the right person–a top 5% performer–and they will inevitably multiply the opportunities for you. You can’t afford not to hire exceptional talent. They will pay for themselves in short order.


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