5 Secrets to Success From Maynard Webb

By Kevin on March 26, 2013 in Success

What are the secrets to success?

I recently asked that question to Silicon Valley legend, Maynard Webb. Webb was brought in as eBay’s President of Technology back in their startup phase and his team is credited with fixing their notorious crashing server problems. He is currently Chairman of LiveOps and sits on the boards of Salesforce.com and Yahoo!

Without hesitation, Webb listed these items:

  • Have high integrity
  • Always find a way to contribute
  • Aim high in what you’re trying to do

Weekly Goal List

When it comes to managing time, he said he starts each week with a list of things he wants to accomplish by week’s end. His goal is to withstand the unanticipated “body blows” throughout the week, and if he considers it a success if he’s achieved 80% of his original list.

Relationships / Social Capital

He agreed that having strong relationships and a healthy “social network” is also key, noting “a network is easier to build than ever before.” He offered a key reminder that a network, a community, will only exist it is providing value to its members. He said to many people join networks or communities and only “take” from it. To get the most of a network, you must also give the most to it.

Webb gives much more advice on how to succeed in the new world of work in his new book, Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship. You can download excerpts and learn more here.


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