RTB versus CTB

By Kevin on September 7, 2010 in Strategy

A friend of a friend recently started his new job as company President. On his first day he sat down with his boss, the CEO.

“One thing we should do right away is decide roles and responsibilities,” the new President began. “What is it that I do and what is it that you do?”

“Oh that’s easy,” the CEO responded. “I hired you to do RTB so that I can focus on CTB.”

RTB? CTB? The new President was perplexed. Had he forgotten some acronyms from business school? Was he behind on the latest management fad? Did he miss the most recent Harvard Business Review?

The CEO smiled and continued, “I hired you to Run-the-Business so that I can now Change-the-Business.”

Not every business has both a President and CEO, but every business needs to be constantly evolving.

Do you have a person, task force, or initiative to change your business?

– Kevin


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