Retaining High Potentials Through Career Path Enablement

By Kevin on August 2, 2015 in employee engagement, leadership

In that deflating moment when the star employee you painstakingly mentored tells you that despite much admiration and gratitude she’s leaving for something better, it’s easy to react emotionally and to blame others—those disloyal millennials, can’t believe the competition poaches like that—but you can only reduce turnover in the future by accepting “blame” yourself.

Loyalty is a two-way street. After the warm goodbyes and mental expletives, it is worth taking a hard look at whether the value your company offers employees still aligns what they (especially high potentials) are looking for.

According to a new report from Right Management, Fulfilling Careers Instead of Filling Jobs: How Successful Companies Are Winning The Competition For Talent In The Human Age, two thirds of the factors that motivate performance at work are tied to career conversations and development opportunities.

Read about Right Management’s recommendations for career enablement in the full article on Forbes. 

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