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By Kevin on August 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Earlier this week I met a casino executive to discuss the possibility of getting a community grant for one of the charities I support, S.A.G.E.

During casual conversation he mentioned that the casino’s typical customer profile is a 58 year old woman, but that they proactively target three types of customers:
– people who spend at least $400 in a single casino visit
– people who spend at least $1,200 in a single casino visit
– people who spend at least $2,400 in a single casino visit

He said they don’t mind all the retired seniors who get off the buses every morning; they make some money off them too. But they spend their time, money and energy attracting their target customers.

Can you describe your perfect customer or client right now with as much specificity? You know, the ones who give you the most profit with the least hassle?

If you need help, ask yourself:
1) what is their demographic profile?
2) what is it they want (truly want — it might be the thing behind your product/service)?
3) why do they like buying from you (i.e., why do they choose you over a competitor)?


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