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Kevin has been featured in Fast Company, Business Week, Inc, Forbes, Business Insider, Talent Management, and many other publications. Articles by Kevin, about Kevin, or related to his books include:

Closing the HCAHPS Knowing-Doing Gap
by Kevin Kruse, The Acute Care Continuum

Employee Engagement: A Critical Tool in the Age of Healthcare Reform
by Kevin Kruse, Perspectives on the Acute Care Continuum

Today’s Top 50 Leadership Innovators Changing How We Lead
by Shawn Murphy, Inc.com

To-do lists are only useful if you DO them
by Richard Branson, Virgin.com

Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Smartphone to a Meeting [Video]
by Lauren Simonetti, FOX News

The 100 Best Business Books of 2015
by Jeff Haden, Inc

Why Creating A To-Do List Is Derailing Your Success
by Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company

Your Employees Just Aren’t That Into You
by Laura Entis, Inc Magazine

Applying Superstar Compensation to White-Collar Professionals
by Kevin Kruse, Fast Company

How to Create an Engaged Workforce
by Kevin Kruse, Business Week

12 Super Productivity Secrets Every Entrepreneur Must Know
by Zak Mustapha, Lifehack

7 Habits of Parents Who Leave the Office at 5PM Guilt-Free
by Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company

10 Things Wildly Productive People Do
by Ekaterina Walter, Forbes

How to Make Your First Day Back at Work a Great One
by Justin Bariso, Inc.

Time-Management Tips From 8 Self-Made Billionaires
by Ekaterina Walter, Inc.

A One-Word Plan To Boost Employee Engagement
by Abbi Whitaker, Forbes

Success In The Real World: 7 Daily Behaviors Conscientious People Avoid
by Caroline Beaton, Forbes

The Secrets of Backing Out on Plans With Grace
by Charlie Wells, The Wall Street Journal

8 Productivity Habits Of The Most Successful Freelancers
by Gwen Moran, Fast Company

To-do lists: the good, the bad and the ugly
by James Adonis, The Sydney Morning Herald

Kevin Kruse, time travel and extreme productivity [Podcast]
by Ziglar, Ziglar

Does solid employee engagement mean extraordinary customer experience? (Part two)
by Martin Conboy, Residential Property Manager

Design – don’t manage – your time
by Marissa Laliberte, Reader’s Digest

How to Be More Productive In Your First Hour of Work
by Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail

21. A Must Listen Interview with Kevin Kruse [Podcast]
by Paul Maskill, Automate Your Franchise

How to Avoid Procrastination For Good [Complete Guide]
by Sean Kim, Business 2 Community

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management [Podcast]
by Denise Lee Yohn, Brand-as-Business Bites

How ultra-productive people manage their email
by Kevin Kruse, GoToMeeting

Planning for success: 15 tips from the masters [Podcast]
by Tracy Sheen, Not Another Business Show

The Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management That You Don’t [Podcast]
by Andy Paul, Accelerate!

Helpful Tips For Parents Who Leave Office Beyond 5 PM
by Jackie, Parent Herald

Kevin Kruse Interview – Wholehearted Leadership [Podcast]
by Ever Gonzalez, Outlier Magazine

Time Mastery – A Conversation with Kevin Kruse [Podcast]
by Brett Veinotte, School Sucks Podcast

Secrets of Successful Time Management with Kevin Kruse [Podcast]
by Jaime Masters, Eventual Millionaire

4 Secrets To Making Time For Leadership
by Kevin Kruse, TanveerNaseer.com

This might be the reason why firms are failing to fully engage their employees
by Matias Rodsevich, Workplace Insight

Time Management and Productivity Hacks of Billionaires & Olympians [Podcast]
by Toby Jenkins, Bluewire Media

A Conversation with New York Times Bestselling Author Kevin Kruse
by Karl Kapp, Kapp Notes

The 3 Secrets To Leaving The Office By 5 O’Clock – Guilt Free
by John Walston, Resourceful Manager

To Do Lists Are Not Habits of Successful People Says Kevin Kruse [PODCAST]
by John Murphy, John Murphy International

Can you reach “inbox zero” every day? Kevin Kruse thinks you can
by Gerry Riskin, Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management [PODCAST]
by Doug Sandler, The Nice Guys On Business Podcast

Secrets of Time Management [PODCAST]
by Jim Palmer, Get Jim Palmer

The 15 Secrets and Habits of Highly Successful People [PODCAST]
by Rob Lawrence, Inspirational Creatives

Author Kevin Kruse Reveals Productivity Secrets of High Achievers [PODCAST]
by Ron Klinger, Unleashed Radio Hour

Why Really Successful People Hate To-Do Lists [PODCAST]
by Joey Price, Business, Life And Coffee

Don’t Manage Time – Manage Your Values, Priorities, & Habits
by S. Chris Edmonds, Driving Results Through Culture

Leading Matters #16: Kevin Kruse [PODCAST]
by Joel Capperella, Leading Matters Podcast

Keeping The Spark In Your Customer Relationships [PODCAST]
by Bryan Adams, Getting Goosebumps

Kevin Kruse on Dov Baron’s Leadership & Loyalty Podcast [PODCAST]
by Dov Baron, Leadership and Loyalty Tips for Executives

Time Management Secrets of Billionaires [PODCAST]
by Rory Vaden, Daily Discipline Podcast with Rory Vaden

The 4 Keys to Complete Happiness [PODCAST]
by Kenny Cannon and Cameron Benson, Rise to Mastery

Tips to be More Efficient with Your Time [PODCAST]
by Mike Mutzel, High Intensity Health

$100k In A Month [PODCAST]
by J. Massey, Cash Flow Diary

Real-Life Solutions For Employee Engagement
by Jennifer Miller, Tiny HR

The Best Strategies for Hospital Staff Engagement
by Zack Budryk, FierceHealthcare

How Retailers Are Responding to the New “Ambush Election” Rules With Employee Engagement Strategies
by Diane M. Saunders, Lexology

Environment Minister’s Earth Day Address at Royal Bahamas Police Force Headquarters
by Hon. Kenred Dorsett, M.P., The Bahamas Weekly

ATD Webinar: Leading for Employee Engagement
by Kevin Kruse

7 Leadership Tips You Should Skip
by Robert Kennedy III

Of Leadership, Second-Bananas, and Not Knowing How to Define Either
by David Ramil, Hardwood Paroxysm

Why Wal-Mart is raising its wages
by Kelsey Lindsey, RetailDIVE

Top 25 HR Influencers of 2015
by Jacob Shriar, Officevibe

Spamcast Interview: Kevin Kruse
by Tom Vagly, SPAMCAST

Kevin Kruse’s Quick Tips for Employee Engagement
by BJ Shannon, TINYhr

Kevin Kruse At Lunch with DriveThruHR
by Bryan Wempen & Nisha Raghaven, DriveThruHR

3 Steps For Increasing Employee Engagement
by Kevin Kruse, Gamification Co

Meet the Judge: Kevin Kruse
by Cari Turley, Achievers Blog

5 Opportunities For Boosting Employee Engagement
by Jennifer V. Miller, SmartBlogs on Leadership

Why Employee Engagement is Not Just the Job of Management
by Victor Lipman, Psychology Today

Strategies for a High Performance Culture
by Sue Bethanis, Wise Talk

Employee Engagement–Ignore the Outliers
by Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation

Grassroots Employee Engagement
by Thad Peterson, Globoforce

Book Review: Employee Engagement 2.0
by Jen Fortunato, Mariposa Leadership

Tawkers Interview: Kevin Kruse
by Blake Ian, Tawkers

Start Your Own Engagement Revolution, Today
by Kevin Kruse, YouEarnedIt

Work & Well-Being Update Focus on Employee Engagement
by Judy Martin, Worklife Nation

Employee Engagement is for Everyone
by Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation

Partnering Not Parenting for Engagement
by Michael Bertrand, Tembo Social

Improve Your Happiness At Work
by Skip Prichard, SkipPrichard.com

Employee Engagement: An Interview with Kevin Kruse
by Tony Deblauwe, Examiner.com

Employee Engagement for Everyone – a book by Kevin Kruse
by Scott Simmerman, Performance Management Company

Book Review – Employee Engagement for Everyone
by Tim Gardner, HR Introvert

Why Employee Engagement Is Not Just The Job Of Management
by Victor Lipman, Forbes

3 Ways Employees Can Drive Their Own Engagement
by Brad Federman, Performance Point Blog

Making Employee Engagement Social
by Kevin Kruse, Tribe HR

The Exit Interview: An Engagement Tool?
by Frank Kalman, Talent Management

Engaging Employees to Drive Performance [webinar]
by Kevin Kruse, on TrainingIndustry.com

5 Leadership Lessons from Tim Tebow’s Gametime Audio
by Kevin Kruse, Forbes

When You Work for a Jerk: A 6 Point Plan for Dealing with a Bad Boss
by Kevin Kruse, Fast Company

Is Being Good Fundamental to Effective Leadership?
by Dave Crisp, Canadian HR Reporter

Stakeholder Engagement Pays — Indirect Benefits
by Peter Bruce, on Stakeholder Engagement

Take Care in Placing Key Finance People
by Dallon Christensen, Computerworld

What is a Turnover Budget?
by Abby Michaels, Demand Media

Books We Trust: We: Performance, Profits, Full Engagement
by Charles Green, Trusted Advisor

Engage for Performance and Profits
by Robert Thompson, Thought Grenades Radio

How Cisco Managers Can Re-Engage Their Remaining 60,500 Employees
by Kevin Kruse, Business Insider

The Power of Engagement
by John Hollon and Lance Haun, TLNT Radio

The Engagement Imperative
by Kevin Kruse, CLO

How Great Leaders Create an Engaged Workforce
by Lois Kelly, Foghound

12 Most Effective Ways to Engage Employees
by Kevin Kruse, 12Most.com

The Global Job Satisfaction Crisis
by Kevin Kruse, Workforce Management

Defining Your Personal Brand and Its Reach
by Kevin Kruse, WorkBabble

12 Books to Read to Understand Customers Better
by Linda Ireland, Business Insider

Deflating Passive Aggressive Boss Behavior
by Tony Deblauwe, DailyBlogma

Interview with Kevin Kruse
Xyleme Voices

Re:Engage! [webinar keynote] i4cp

Interview with Kevin Kruse
by Jordan Kimmell, Trust Across America

Check Here If You’re Engaged — A Manager’s Guide To Employee Engagement Surveys
by Maria Wood, Skilledup

Engagement: Soft Stuff with Hard Results
by Mike Prokopeak, Talent Management

Engaging Employees
by Crissa Shoemaker Debree, Courier Times

Book Review
by Peter Key, Philadelphia Business Journal (article)

Are Staffers Engaged
by Jared Bilski, CFO Daily News

The Real Test of Employee Engagement
by Wayne Turmel, Management-Issues

Book Review
by Jason Jacobsohn, Networking Insight

Book Review
by Jeanne Male, Emp-Higher

Book Review
by Tim Sackett, The Tim Sackett Project

New Book Reveals Reasons Behind Record-Breaking Employee Dissatisfaction
On Rec

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