How to Measure the Performance of Managers

By Kevin on February 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

I think one of the secrets to my success in the past has been to primarily focus on the numbers. I would have clear financial targets, practiced open book management, rewarded generously the business unit and sales leaders based on financial performance. It works, but it can also be a little hairy at times as internal rivalries grow, competition for internal resources emerge, and the short-term focus can cause pressure to accelerate revenue recognition or delay needed investments.

Bill Campbell, business coach to Google, Apple, and others, suggests that the performance of employees should be evaluated in a more balanced fashion. He suggests four key measures:

1) Performance against objectives

2) Innovation

3) Ability to work with peers

4) Ability to work with sub-ordinates

Over the long run, people do tend to do what they are paid and rewarded for.

You are evaluating employees, right? Is it time to re-evaluate your evaluation system?


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