How to Get Employee Committment, Buy-in and Passion

By Kevin on November 24, 2010 in HCM, HR, People

We Book Cover by Karsan and KruseI just wrapped final edits and did jacket approval for my new book, co-authored by Kenexa’s Rudy Karsan.We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement (Wiley, January 2011) describes our new era where work and life are blended as opposed to balanced, entitlements are a thing of the past, and job satisfaction is at a record low.

This is a crisis for individuals because negative emotions at work spill over to our personal lives and cross over to those around us. Research shows that disengaged employees weigh five pounds more, have an elevated risk of heart attack, experience less marital intimacy and have children who are more likely to misbehave at school.  For businesses, disengaged employees lead to lower levels of productivity and service and it’s been shown that companies with disengaged workers have five times lower shareholder returns than those companies with the most engaged workers.

Based on findings from over 10 million worker surveys in 150 countries, and on our own experience as leaders of fast-growing companies, we highlight the three most common factors that drive engagement:

1.      Growth: We need to feel that we are advancing in our careers or are learning new things.

2.      Recognition: We need to feel appreciated and believe that our ideas count.

3.      Trust: We need to trust our senior leaders and feel confident about the future.

We also includes the Kenexa Individual Archetype Profile, a unique profiler that reveals which historical archetype—Caregiver, Ruler, Creator, Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Revolutionary, Magician, Hero, Lover, Jester, Everyperson —best fits the reader’s personality and preferred work culture.

Look for it in bookstores in January or pre-order on Thanks!


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