Every Business Needs a Battle Cry

By Kevin on March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

My recent article on company battle cries appeared on AmEx OpenForum:

“Oo-rah!” shouted the Marines in the audience. I was one of the few civilians, among a thousand service men and women, at the recent BEYA Stars and Stripes dinner hosted by the Marine Corps in Philadelphia. The dinner takes place each year in honor of black engineers. Every time an Air Force or Navy officer won an award, the airmen and sailors cheered. Whenever an Army officer won an award, the soldiers in the room roared. But when a Marine won an award, the other Marines in the audience boomed, “Oo-rah,” which has been the Marines’ battle cry since the Korean war.

That got me thinking that not enough companies use battle cries. After all, battle cries have been used for thousands of years to unite individuals into a collective identity and to emotionally charge them up before rushing forward to accomplish their mission.

Click here to read the full article, and to see the battle cries of companies like Coca-Cola, and how I “battle cried” my way through the first quarter of my new business.


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