Employee Engagement Summit 2014 (Now Live and Online)

By Kevin on April 9, 2014 in employee engagement

Are you looking for new perspectives and ideas about improving Employee Engagement? Would you like to join me and listen in to the latest thoughts from 12 of the world’s biggest names in engagement? David Zinger, Dr. Relly Nadler, Dr. Thuy Sindell, Dr. Paul Marciano, Dr. Lee Colan, Jody Thompson, Michael Beck, Mitch Warner, Jeannie Coyle, Bob Whipple all share cutting edge research and tips for employee engagement.

The Eliciting Excellence Employee Engagement Summit 2014 is now live and online.

Registration is free and there’s nothing to buy.  You’ll be able to listen to and download mp3 recordings of each interview.  It’s all great content – no pitches or fluff.  It’s our way of giving back and making a difference. Click the link below to get going:


I hope you’ll check it out and spread the word!



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