CHALLENGE: Show Your Work Every Day in July

By Kevin on July 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was taking a break today, browing the different Facebook groups that I belong to, when I stumbled on Trajan King’s post in Invincible Startup. It simply said,

“I’m producing content every day in July. Will you join me?”

Trajan plans to produce a piece of content every single day in July, and he’ll post it on his blog, or on Facebook, or YouTube…wherever. And he wants me, and YOU, to do it too.

I produce a lot of content, but not daily. How can I commit to daily? I’m so busy…I’m going to be traveling to speaking gigs…I’m wrapping up my next book…when will I find the time…it takes a lot of work to make GOOD content.

Excuses, excuses. Limiting thoughts.

What the hell. I’m in. Let’s do this thing.

I sit here at my desk with dozens of questions from readers that I plan to answer “eventually.” I want to write nice long articles but that takes too long. I know, I’ll just record a video answer really quickly—but I’m not dressed appropriately, or I’m having a bad hair day. Again, excuses!

I’m going WAY OUT of my comfort zone and saying I will absolutely produce some kind of content each day of this month. Perhaps:

  • I’ll answer a reader question
  • I’ll provide an excerpt from my forthcoming book
  • I’ll film a short video
  • Maybe I’ll even share some of my personal life (really cringing now)

The easiest way for YOU and ME to complete this challenge is to just “show your work”, which is also known as “working out loud.”  I like John Stepper’s work on this concept best, in The Why of Working Out Loud.

What are the benefits of “showing your work” on a DAILY basis?

  • Others learn from your work
  • You learn from the feedback others give you
  • You create a work journal that illustrates your progress over time
  • You make powerful new connections and discover like-minded friends
  • More content will boost traffic and engagement on your blog or social media channels

So, this is my first piece of work. I hope you’ll join me and let me know on Twitter or Facebook every day when you show your work.

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