Book Review: The Facts Of Business Life

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Bill McBean spent many of his nearly forty years as a successful business owner in the automobile industry where, among many other achievements, he purchased several underperforming dealerships and turned them into a successful business enterprise with yearly sales of more than $160 million. In his new book,  The Facts of Business Life, McBean explains the seven facts that profitable business owners use every day to run their businesses and to stay ahead of their competition.

Fact One:
If You Don’t Lead, No One Will Follow

Fact Two:
If You Don’t Control It, You Don’t Own It

Fact Three:
Protecting Your Company’s Assets Should Be Your First Priority

Fact Four:
Planning Is About Preparing for the Future, Not Predicting It

Fact Five:
If You Don’t Market Your Business, You Won’t Have One

Fact Six:
The Marketplace Is a War Zone

Fact Seven:
You Don’t Just Have to Know the Business You’re In; You Have to Know Business 

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