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By Kevin on November 29, 2010 in Marketing, Success

I wrote in a previous post about how one venture capitalist, David Aronoff, invites strangers to meet with him on certain days. Similarly, I was blown away the day before Thanksgiving when marketing guru, Jim Kukral, sent out a blast email inviting people to call him and ask him anything. An excerpt from his email:

I love the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I’ll be enjoying time with family. But today? I’m here for you. Are you working today? At home today? Here’s my offer to you.
Call me. This is my direct line. 216-272-4383.
Not kidding. Call me today for the next 6 hours. I’ll be answering my phone until 5pm est.
Call me and ask me for advice on your business. Call me to ask me how I can help you get a job. Call me and ask me how to get started in Internet Marketing. Call me and ask me to tell you how to make money online. Call me and ask me how to get started in online video. Call me and ask me how to get publicity for your business. Call me and ask me to give you a social media strategy.

He goes on to give his email and even Skype address to make it as easy as possible to pick his brain and get some free consulting.

Being accessible is about giving back, getting smarter, and building your network through surprising ways (mostly it’s about giving back). Taking every unsolicited phone call, email, or meeting is the wrong way to do it. But scheduling  open office hours a few days a year is a tremendous idea.

– Kevin


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