A Resolution To Be A Wholehearted Leader In 2014

By Kevin on December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just a quick note on this New Year’s Eve to encourage you to join me in living as a wholehearted leader in 2014. This means…

…remember that you don’t need a title or direct reports to be a leader; leadership is influence, which means we are all leading every day, whether we want to or not.

…remember that leadership doesn’t just happen at work, we start by leading ourselves, then our families.

…bring our “whole selves” to work, including our doubts and limitations, and work with others transparently.

…remember that it takes courage to risk failure, and only by risking failure will we achieve great things.

Whether your specific resolutions in 2014 are in the areas of health, relationships or career, living the Wholehearted Leader way is the key to success.

Happy New Year.


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