7 Steps to Motivated Workforce

By Kevin on May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Entrepreneur and author, Gary Brose, recently shared his “lessons learned” on leadership and motivation in his book, The Ultimate Motivated Employee.

In it, Brose lists 7 key elements that drive motivation:

  1. Create the right work environment
  2. Hire the right people
  3. Excel at “Greet and Train”
  4. Incentivize, bonus and reward
  5. Delink reviews and raises
  6. Be the servant
  7. Respect and involve

Most of those items align nicely with my own thoughts on driving engagement.

One chapter I found most interesting was on the topic of “bonuses” and performance pay. There is a dramatic shift to variable pay even in big companies. Brose offers an interesting analogy. Every manager/owner gets a monthly P&L which is like the report card for the month. The equivalent “report card” for the employee is their paycheck…but it doesn’t change very often. By offering an objective, performance driven bonus plan, the individual employee’s efforts will not only increase, but they will magically align with the goals of management.

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