Buffet’s Advice

By Kevin on March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Warren Buffet wrote in his annual shareholder letter:

In good years and bad, Charlie and I simply focus on four goals:(1) Maintaining Berkshire’s Gibraltar-like financial position, which features huge amounts of excess liquidity, near-term obligations that are modest, and dozens of sources of earnings and cash;(2) Widening the “moats” around our operating businesses that give them durable competitive advantages;(3) Acquiring and developing new and varied streams of earnings;(4) Expanding and nurturing the cadre of outstanding operating managers who, over the years, have delivered Berkshire exceptional results.

I would modify and simplify as:

    1. maximize cash flow
    2. create barriers to entry and to exit
    3. grow sales
    4. acquire great talent


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